About Timberline Design
Custom Cabinetry, Custom Wooden Art Pieces, & CNC Precision Wood Cutting

Timberline Design LLC is a custom cabinetry and wood working company located in Stanchfield Minnesota. For those that are not familiar with where Stanchfield MN is located, we are located on the south side of West Rush Lake about a mile from the Rush Point store.

Timberline Design is owned by Chad Ferrie. Chad used to be a HVAC specialist who always enjoyed crafting works of art out of wood. In 2017 Chad made the jump and began his path to being a professional cabinetmaker and started refining his wood working skills. In 2019 Timberline Design LLC was born. Chad has been working hand-crafting beautiful items out of wood for over 25 years and all that experience is why Timberline Design is the premiere custom cabinet maker in the state of Minnesota.

Custom cabinetry is an artform. Each custom wooden cabinet is hand crafted using modern technology, modern tools, experience and old-fashioned hard work. More often than not, a custom cabinet maker is mistakenly associated with the sales associated at your local Minnesota Home Depot or Lowes. Purchasing custom cabinets or custom wood storage solutions for your MN home from a big chain store like Home Depot is not the same as hiring a professional cabinet maker.

When you purchase custom kitchen cabinets or any other custom cabinet solution from Lowes or any other large home improvement store, you deal with a sales person as opposed to a true craftsman. The sales person will never see your home which means that he or she is relying on you to do the correct measurements. Are you a carpenter or a wood worker? Most likely you are not which means there is a higher probability of inaccurately measuring for the new custom cabinets which will lead to a “loose” fit or in a worst-case scenario not fit at all. When you choose Timberline Design for your custom kitchen or bathroom cabinets you will speak with the actual craftsman. Chad will come out to your home and do the measurements himself which will not only ensure a quality fit and finish, but also give him an idea of the atmosphere and design style for that particular space. At home improvement stores, the sales person will show you several options to choose from. You can choose the color, the hardware, and the style. This sounds great in theory, but the options are limited. When you choose to work with a professional cabinet maker like Chad, you can not only choose a style, a color and hardware, but you can also choose the type or wood and you are not limited but a few available options. You can search the internet; find some custom cabinets you like and Timberline Design can reproduce it for you. If you have a vision of what you want your custom kitchen or bathroom cabinets to look like then you can sleep well at night knowing that Timberline Design can make that vision a reality.

Timberline Design LLC in north-central Minnesota not only can make custom cabinets for your kitchen, bathroom or garage, but they can also create custom wooden storage solutions for closets, custom built-in shelving for family rooms and living rooms, and even custom shelving for books in an office, study or library. If it’s made out of wood, Timberline Design can build it. Here are just a few examples of some of the things Timberline Design can fabricate using their custom wood working skills.

  • Custom Kitchen Cabinets
  • Custom Bathroom Cabinets
  • Custom Garage Storage Solutions
  • Custom built-in shelving for family rooms and living rooms
  • Custom specialty themed bed frames like race care beds or pirate ship beds
  • Custom shelving for books in a home library, study or office
  • Custom closet storage solutions

Timberline Design LLC out of Stanchfield Minnesota has recently purchased a top-of-the-line precision wood CNC machine. This stare of the art wood CNC machine not only allows Timberline Design to cut custom cabinet pieces more precise and efficiently, but also the ability to manufacture wood projects from a variety of types of wood. The CNC machine is large enough to accommodate a full 4 foot by 8 foot sheet of plywood and since it can be programmed to utilize the entire sheet of wood it decreases costs associated with waste. Timberline Design can now build small intricate pieces from wooden puzzles or 3 dimensional wooden animals to larger simpler pieces like wooden skateboard transitions and shelving.

If you are interested in learning more about the diverse capabilities that Timberline Design offers then please feel free to call us at 763-691-3080, use our Request A Quote form, or contact us via email using our contact page. We also have a photo gallery showing a wide variety of custom cabinets and other custom wooden projects made Timberline Design LLC has made over the years.