CNC Precision Wood Cutting & CNC Wood Router

CNC Precision Wood Cutting Image

Timberline Design LLC is a custom wood fabrication shop in north-central Minnesota in the Rush Lake area. We have a vary large wood CNC machine which is also known as a wood CNC router which allows us to quickly and accurately cut precise shapes out of wood accurately over and over again. This amazing piece of precision wood cutting machinery gives Timberline Design LLC the capability of manufacturing high quality wooden cut out pieces both quickly and accurately.

What is a wood CNC router or wood CNC machine?

A wood CNC router or CNC machine is also referred to as a wood carving machine by individuals that like to make carved wooden art pieces as a hobby or side gig. Although our machine is industrial grade, it works on the same premise as the smaller the smaller hobby wood carving machines just on a larger scale. A wood CNC machine is made up of 3 main parts. The computer, the table and the router or “cutter”. The process of cutting out wooden shapes on a CNC wood router starts with entering the shape into the computer using the software that comes with the machine. The material or wood that is going to be cut is placed on the table and clamped down to ensure that it does not move during the cutting process. Once design or template has been entered into the computer and the material is properly secured to the table, the computer then directs the router or “cutter” to precisely cut the shape out of the material.

How large of an item can Timberline Design cut using their wood cutting CNC?

Our CNC router is capable of handling a full 4-foot by 8-foot sheet of wood. For items that are larger that that, the machine would need to create the item using multiple pieces of material and rely on being joined together to create a single shape.

How much does it cost for Timberline Design to manufacture wooden shapes on their wood CNC machine?

The cost of manufacturing wood pieces and wood shapes will vary based on the thickness of the wood as well as the total number of pieces. Like any manufacturing process, CNC cutting wood not only takes time, but also puts wear and tear on the machine parts like router bits. All of these thing are taken into consideration along with volume discounts when quoting out a project or order.

Can Timberline Design manufacture wooden parts or pieces to later be assembled in a different location?

The short answer is yes. The CNC machine can accurately cut individual pieces quickly and precisely so that each piece is the same as the one before it and the one after it. This consistency allows for Timberline Design to manufacture wooden pieces that can later be assembled. Our machine not only can quickly and accurately cut any shape from wood, but is also gives the added advantage of being able to utilize the entire piece of material which saves money on material costs.

CNC Cut Wooden Dinosaur

What does Timberline Design LLC use their CNC wood router for?

We use our wood CNC machine to cut our individual pieces for each one of our custom cabinets and storage solutions. By using the CNC machine as opposed to a more traditional saw, we ensure that each piece is perfect the first time which not only allows us to produce a quality product faster, but also saves money of material which allows us to extend that savings on to our customers. We also use our in-house wood CNC machine to manufacture wood pieces for a variety of manufacturing companies in Minnesota, South Dakota and Wisconsin. We produce pieces for things like standard store-bought book shelves, build your own storage solutions that you would buy at a home improvement store, and even wooden 3-dimensional structures like dinosaurs and dragons.

What is a good example of why to choose Timberline Design to cut out my wooden shapes vs doing it at home with a router or jigsaw?

Aside from the above example of how we use our wood CNC router to make our custom cabinet pieces, we also use it to manufacture wooden skateboard ramp transitions. Whether it’s for a wooden quarter pipe, mini ramp, half pipe or even a bowl, it’s extremely important to make sure that each transition is consistent with the one next to it as well as provides a smooth transition from flat to vertical. By using our wood CNC machine, we can take a single ¾ inch thick sheet of plywood and cut two precise and smooth transitions to be used on a wooden skateboard ramp. You can easily program the machine to cut transitions with any radius from a steep 6 foot radius to a more mellow 8 foot radius or anything in between.