Custom Wooden Cabinetry

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Timberline Design is a custom work working and wood fabrication company in north-central Minnesota. Although we have expanded and diversified over the years with wood carving art pieces and manufacturing wooden pieces, our roots start with being a custom cabinet maker.

Custom cabinetry is an artform that sadly has been replaced by template cabinets that are purchased from home improvement stores. These template cabinets are often marketed as custom kitchen cabinets or custom bathroom cabinets but they are nothing more than pre-cut wooden templates that are mixed and matched together to form what they call custom cabinets. Real custom cabinets are not made by picking options out of a catalog. Real custom cabinets are carefully thought out with every detail in mind.

What details are involved in designing and creating custom kitchen cabinets or custom wood cabinets?

When getting custom cabinets from Timberline Design, we work directly with our customers to determine the right material ( wood ) that will work both within their budget as well as meet their individual needs. Then we work with the customer on the desired layout based on the individual needs, available space and budget. Once the layout and material has been chosen, we move on to the small but important details such as the hardware, hinges, latches, and material finish. Does the customer prefer stained wood or painted wood or a natural wood finish? Last but not least, Timberline Design will go out to the customer’s home or office and accurately measure the available space to make ensure a high-quality fit and finish.

Are custom cabinets from Timberline Design more expensive than template cabinets from a home improvement store like Home Depot or Lowes?

The answer is yes and no. The cost of custom kitchen cabinets and custom bathroom cabinets when using the same materials and hardware options that are provided by large home improvement stores is in the same cost ball park however since Timberline Design is a true custom cabinet maker, we make more options available which includes higher end materials and more complex designs that can be more expensive than generic template kitchen or bathroom cabinets offered by Home Depot, Lowes or other home improvement stores.

Does Timberline Design work with new home builders and contractors?

We work with a number of home builders and general contractors in Minnesota, South Dakota and Wisconsin. We have even provided custom kitchen cabinets for a builder in Iowa. Our wood CNC machine allows us to create custom cabinet templates allowing us to easily manufacture custom cabinets based on any layout. These custom templates are the perfect option for home builders that build multiple homes with the same layout since we can quickly and accurately reproduce these template cabinets and giving the builder professional high quality custom cabinets with the same fit and finish a customer designing and building their dream kitchen or bathroom.

Does Timberline Design do custom kitchen cabinets and storage?

Timberline Design can handle all of your custom kitchen cabinet and kitchen storage needs. We create everything from custom kitchen islands to over refrigerator storage. We work with every customer to ensure we exceed their expectations, work within their allotted budget and provide a kitchen cabinet or storage solution that will endure for years to come.

Does Timberline Design do custom bathroom cabinets and storage?

In many households, especially those with children, bathrooms can get very cluttered. At Timberline Design, we can help you maximize all the available space in your bathroom and get rid of that clutter. Timberline Design can design and build a custom storage solution for any bathroom at an affordable price.

Does Timberline design do cabinet installation?

Timberline Design not only designs custom cabinets and makes custom cabinets, but we also offer cabinet installation for all of our custom cabinet and storage solutions. By choosing to have Timberline Design to install your custom cabinets or custom storage solution, you can be assured that if there are any fitment issues, we will take care of them on the spot to ensure a proper and professional fit and finish.

What about custom garage cabinets?

Timberline designs does not just make custom cabinets for kitchens and bathrooms. We make custom wood cabinets for anywhere based on specific needs. Pre-made build your own garage storage solutions available at home improvement stores are usually sub-par to say the least. They can’t hold any real weight and because they are template based, they almost never utilize all the available space. Timberline Design specializes in custom cabinets for any application which means when designing and constructing custom cabinets for a garage, we make sure the design is structurally sound to meet your specific needs as well as use the material that works best for the application. Stop using thing, cheap, particle board cabinets and shelving in your garage and give Timberline Design a call today and let us quote you on a professional custom garage storage solution.