Custom Carved Wood Art

Custom Wood Carving Art Image

Wood has been used as a medium for beautiful pieces of work since man learned how to manipulate it with tools. At Timberline Design, we have a wood CNC router that can carve out wood in any shape or design you can think of. This amazing machine can make anything from wooden door signs for your home or cabin to intricate corporate signs and logos. The number of different pieces of art that our CNC machine can make is limited only by your imagination. Here is list of some of items that we can carve out of wood using our CNC router:

  • Custom wood door signs for home or cabin
  • Patriotic signs carved into wood
  • Custom 3D name signs carved into wood
  • Inspirational signs carved into wood
  • Wood Puzzles
  • 3-Dimensional wood sculptures
  • Customized & Personalized wooden cutting boards
  • Custom picture frames
  • Custom wooden wine racks

If you have a wood carving idea you would like to see become a reality then give Timberline Design LLC a call today at 760 691-3080 and we will quote for your next carved wood project.